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California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.Rate This Site
Membership information, seed bank, book reviews, local chapter information, plant descriptions, member nurseries and fruit sources. *****

Apples and MoreRate This Site
Learn about apple history, varieties, selection and uses, recipes, orchards and fun activities for children. *

California Tropical Fruit Tree NurseryRate This Site
This is a commercial nursery site, but it has many photos of rare fruits suitable for subtropic and tropic zones. It makes a very good 'miniphotographic encyclopaedia'of uncommon but interesting fruits. ***

Camu Camu, Myrciaria dubiaRate This Site
Several paragraphs on the distribution of Camu-camu,the fruit with the highest vitamin C value of any in the world; it's nutritional value and uses. Includes a picture of the berries.**

Considerate Tree Care, Inc.Rate This Site
Join Joseph L. Jonas, a professional in tree preservation for over 20 years, in a step by step program on how to help improve the quality of your citrus fruit.

Durian OnLineRate This Site
Everything about the Durian, King of the Fruits. recipes, links, photos, info, art, news, articles, nutrition, cultivation, market, books, statistics.*****

Evergreen Home & Garden ShowplaceRate This Site
From East Tennessee gardeners, plenty of gardening tips from the Green People on how to be successful in home, yard, garden and landscaping.*

Fruit and Nuts from Sierra Gold NurseriesRate This Site
This California, USA, nursery has very good variety descriptions for common fruit and nuts, including walnut, almond, pear, asian pear, prune plum, apricot and more. It has an extensive listing for peaches. Of particular value are the notes on chilling ho

Fruit FactsRate This Site
Fruit Facts-mainline to the California Rare Fruit Growers excellent fact sheets, from Avocado to Zizyphus.These fact sheets are outstanding. *****

Grape cultivarsRate This Site
-Lon Rombough, Horticultural Consultant & plant breeder haas information on 130 odd grape cultivars in tabular form - disease resistance, best use, grape color, etc.Written from experience in Oregon USA (cooler climate) conditions. ****

GrapeSeek.comRate This Site
A directory of selected grape growing and wines sites. Some information on table grapes varieties mostly varietal descriptions. Mainly oriented to wine grapes. **
( This Site
From the Australian 'New Crop Profiles', there is worthwile information on 'Longan', 'Asian Pear', and 'Olive', mainly for subtropical to tropical areas.***

kiwifruitRate This Site
kiwifruit cultivars, hardy kiwifruit, links to kiwifruit web pages. Part of warm temperate fruit and nut site.
( fruit and nuts in warm temperate areas.htm#Hardy Kiwifruit)

Lychee WoodsRate This Site
Lychee Woods- a few sentences on 24 common and rare tropical and subtropical fruit link to a page for each fruit giving a good quick overview, and usually, a photograph. ****

The Mango Page: Mangifera Indica, Tropical FruitRate This Site
Mango Cultivars from A-Z and everything in between. Mango culture, history, disease, links, news - everything. Almost without a doubt this is the richest content and link list on growing mangoes on the Internet.*****

Mark Rieger's Fruit Crop Home PageRate This Site
From Professor Mark Reitger of the University of Georgia. Slanted to commercial culture, but still very useful. The historical notes are intriguing and sometimes amusing. There are good photos of the tree, fruit, flowers, and notes on nutritional composi

Northwest Berry & Grape Information NetRate This Site
The most comprehensive information and communications resource for berry and grape growing.

Olives AustraliaRate This Site
A commercial site by a leading Australian Nursery, it has excellent and very detailed growing advice, as well as many olive related products such as books, subscription to 'the olive magazine' (print), pitters, etc for sale.*****

Oregon Live -- Living -- Gardening -- Hungry Gardener IndexRate This Site
Fruit, especially wild fruit, written about by a home gardener, for home gardeners, particularly for the Pacific Northwest USA. Entertaining and informative.****

Saskatoon (Juneberry)Rate This Site
A fact sheet on the cultivation and care of the saskatoon. ***

Sonoma Antique Apple NurseryRate This Site
Altho' a commercial site, there are useful notes on varity characteristics for most main types of fruit, and also pawpaw, kiwi, and pecans. It's main strength is the information on 'antique' apple varieties. ***

Strawberries and MoreRate This Site
A guide to growing strawberries, strawberry farms, selection and care, history, recipes and festivals. University of Illinois Extension

Tropical Fruit - Casimiroa, Black Persimmon & MabolaRate This Site
An excellent an authoratative site for unusual tropical fruits, including varieties, recipes, pros and cons. Highly recommended.*****

Tropical GuavaRate This Site
a very good one page synopsis of the culture and nutriotional benefits of guava from Fort Valley State University, Georgia, USA. There is also a useful page on Tropical Papaya for cool conditions. ***

UVM Apple OrchardRate This Site
Provides relevant and timely horticultural, integrated pest management, marketing and economics information to commercial tree fruit growers in Vermont and beyond.*

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